Advantages of Iontophoresis Treatment


Iontophoresis treatment is a very safe and effective treatment that is normally used to reduce excessive sweaty feet, under arms and hands. If you are scared maybe thinking that there could be risks involved in this kind of procedure, you should worry not because it is risk free procedure that helps those who suffer from hyperhidrosis. The procedure majorly involves sending moderate electrical currents through water and directly into the skin. Once that is done, you will be free of excessive sweating that might affect your life negatively. When using the intophoresis machine, there is an option of adjusting the power level so that you are comfortable all through the process and not stop halfway specialist trained in this sector is always available to guide you appropriately incase you do not understand the whole treatment process. Below are some of the advantages of this kind of treatment.


The first advantage of this kind of treatment is that it is virtually painless and therefore, patients o not develop excuses for not completing the treatment process. If the procedure is applied properly, you will say goodbye to sweaty hands and feet before you realize it. Unlike other medical treatments that require you to go through significant pain, that is not the case with iontophoresis treatment.

The other advantage is that the procedure takes a short time to be completed. It does not interfere much with your daily acquaintances because it takes a short period to be done with. Therefore, you can resume with your daily chores and have no stress of squeezing long hours out of your already hectic schedule in order to get the treatment.

There are reduced risks of infection because of the non-invasive nature of treatment. Most of the patients end up getting infections after going through some medical procedure due to several reasons and end up spending more on hospital bills trying to cure infections they dint even have in the first place or never bargained for. This is not the case with this kind of treatment as it is rendered risk free.

The other advantage of this treatment is that it provides an alternative for injections. For those who fear injections and might use that in order to fail to make it for the doctor’s appointments, this is not the case with iontophoesis kind of treatment. It is very fast and painless procedure that will change your life if properly applied.

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