Iontophoresis Machine Treatment-Cure for Sweaty Palms and Feet


When you are suffering from the excessive sweating on your hands and feet, then iontophoresis will be a common term. This is a term that used for the most effective cures for the sweaty feet and hands that is available on the market. The process of iontophoresis treatment works when a small, weak electronic current is introduced into the sweat glands on either the feet or the hands so that they are prevented from excreting the excess sweat for a period, and this can last up to several weeks. The weak current is generated the iontophoresis machine and is conducted through to your hands or feet using a shallow tray of water. Click here to read more about hyperhidrosis.

The electrical current is very safe, and therefore you should not be worried as it is not powerful enough to cause you any harm. On the other hand, it will provide relief by stopping the excessive sweating for several weeks and make you feel confident. The process is started by placing your feet or the hands on the shallow tray of water. The iontophoresis machine is then connected to the shallow trays to provide the weak electrical current. The current is activated, and then you have to leave feet or the hands in the shallow tray for at least 20 minutes at a time. For the first-timers, these treatments have to be repeated on a daily basis until the sweating stops. You will not notice the changes after about five to ten treatments, and this is when you will notice that the excessive sweating has stopped. For the severe cases it might take longer for the process to be effective and stop the sweating, but do not doubt it, if you are persistent and consistent the process will work only that it will take a bit more time.

When the excess sweating has stopped the affected person can now move to the maintenance program of the treatments so that they can ensure that they continue with having the dry hands and feet. The recommendation is that you will need an iontophoresis session in about three to four weeks. This is an estimate, and this will depend on the individual condition, and therefore your optimum schedule can take longer or a short period. The iontophoresis machines are available in the market, and they can cost you up to thousands of dollars. You do not have to suffer or be stressed from sweaty feet and hands go and start your sessions and start feeling confident about yourself.

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